Installation Instructions

Side Stripe And Script Decal Installation

Installing your decals can be a intimidating at first, but if you take your time and follow a few key steps you will find that it really isn't that hard and when you are all done you can stand back and marvel at your work. The instructions below detail a "wet" install. Just like it sounds we are going to use water with a tiny amount of dish soap to temporarily prevent the decal from sticking while we position it on the car. 

Tools needed:

  1. Hobby knife or razor blade
  2. Squeegee (A credit or ATM card will work in a pinch)
  3. Tape measure / Ruler
  4. Masking tape
  5. Spray bottle full of water (we usually fill the bottle with water and add a drop of dish soap)
  6. A roll of paper towel

Step 1:
Clean the vehicle surface thoroughly. If you have recently waxed your car or used a silicone product like Armor All you will need to make sure it has been removed completely
Step 2:
Test fit by holding your vinyl in place with masking tape. Mark position with tape, or tape in place along top edge, allowing you to peel the backing paper. You can now stand back and visualize how it will look and make any necessary position changes now.
Step 3:
Wet vehicle surface thoroughly with water solution. *Make sure you do not get the paper backing wet.*
Step 4:
Peel the backing paper and generously spray adhesive side of vinyl with water / soap solution.
Step 5:
Place on the vehicle carefully and position. The water / soap mix will give you time to position
Step 6:
Firmly squeegee vinyl in place, working from center out being careful not to move the decal from its position. Blot excess water with paper towel
Step 7:
Spray the masking / transfer tape (the translucent top cover that is keeping the decal together) with water to loosen, and let sit for 5 minutes.
Step 8:
Carefully peel back masking / transfer tape, keeping it flat with the surface so you don’t peel up the fresh vinyl. Go very slowly and carefully!
Step 9:
Trim extra overlap along edges with razor blade if needed. Bubbles can be carefully popped with a needle or corner of your razor blade.
Step 10:
Let it dry thoroughly before driving the vehicle. Do no wash for several days and avoid power washing the decal itself.

For more help, we strongly advise consulting Youtube. There are many videos online demonstrating what we mention above. One excellent example (not our video) is this one

This video is excellent as well for those doing stripes on the top of the car where gravity can work against you.